We will attend 2016 Bauma China Exhibition, Booth no: W4.743
2016-04-08 09:51:27
Welcome to visit our booth in Bauma China 2016 International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and Equipment. 
Booth number: W4-743
22–25 November 2016
Tuesday–Thursday: 9 am–5 pm
Friday: 9 am–3 pm
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai (Pudong)/China 
2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area,
Shanghai 201204, PR China 

Company Profile:

Votai Industry Co.Ltd is a professional construction machinery spare parts exporting company, our main business as below:


We are distributor of Chinese brand construction machinery spare parts in China, we could supply great quality spare parts with competitive price, our business range as below:


1 Spare parts for Chinese brand wheel loader of brand like XCMG,SDLG, Lovol, XGMA, Liugong, Changlin, Chenggong, Longking, SEM and etc...

Wheel Loader Spare Parts:

XCMG LW300F, LW300K, ZL30G, LW500K, LW500F, ZL50G Spare Parts

SDLG LG933L, LG936L, LG 953, LG956, LG968 Spare Parts

Liugong ZL30E,CLG835, CLG836, CLG842, ZL50CN,CLG855,CLG856, CLG862 Spare Parts

Foton Lovol FL935E, FL936F, FL938G, FL956F, FL958G  Spare Parts

Shandong SEM 616B,630B, 636B, 638, 650B,652B,657C,658C, 659C, 660B, 956, ZL50F-II Spare Parts

Changlin ZL30H,ZL936,ZL948, ZL50H, ZL50G,ZL956,ZL958,ZL60H,ZL967,ZL968 Spare Parts

Lonking CDM816,ZL30F, CDM833,CDM843, CDM835E,CDM853,CDM855E,CDM856E Spare Parts

Chenggong CG932H, CG935H, CG956G, CG958G,ZL50E Spare Parts


Diesel Engine spare parts

Weichai (WD10G178E25,WD10G220E23,WD10G240E11,WD615T1-3A,WD615G220,WD61567G3-29,

TD226B-6IG14, TD226B-4G,WD12, WP4, WP6, WP12 diesel engine parts)

Cummins (6BT5.9-C130,6BT5.9-C170,6BT5.9-C175,6BT5.9-C215,6CTA8.3C215, 6CTA8.3C240,NTA855-C280,NTA855-C280S10,NTA855-C360,NTA855-C360S10, KTA19-C525 diesel engine parts)

Shanghai (SC11CB184G2B1,C6121 CAT , C6121ZG50, D6121ZG72B, D6114ZG4B,D4114, D9, D3306,

G6135 diesel engine parts)

Yuchai (YC6B125-T11, YC6108G, YC6180)



BS428, WG180, WG181, 4WG180, 4WG200, 6WG180,6WG200, XB230, YB310, YD13, YD50, YL13, YDB341, ZL20-BS428, ZL40,ZL50 spare parts;


2  Spare parts for Chinese brand SANY, XCMG truck crane:

1). XCMG Truck crane spare parts QY16C,QY16D,QY20B-II,QY20G-1,QY25E-1,QY25K-II,QY25K5,QY25K5-1,QY30K5-1,QY35K5,QY50B-I,QY50K-II,QY50KA,QY70K-1 PARTS;

2). SANY Truck crane spare parts STC200, STC250, STC250H,STC250S, STC500, STC500S, STC750, STC750S,STC900, STC1000C, STC1020


3 Spare parts for Chinese brand SANY,XCMG and Zoomlion Excavator

1) XCMG Excavator spare parts XE15,XE40,XE50C,XE60C,XE65C,XE80C,XE85C, XE80E, XE135B,XE150D, XE150W,XE210W,

XE215C,XE215CLL ,XE215D, XE215HB,XE230D, XE230C, XE235C, XE265C,XE260CLL, XE335C, XE370CA ,XE390CH,

XE470M, XE470C, XE490CK, XE500C, XE700C

2) SANY Excavator spare parts SY16C,SY20C,SY35,SY35U-10,SY50,SY60,SY75C,SY75C3I3R,SY80C-9S,SY135C,SY140-9,



3) Zoomlion Excavator spare parts ZE15E,ZE60E,ZE60E-1,ZE85,ZE150,ZE150R,ZE205E,ZE205E-H,ZE210E,ZE210E-9,





Top quality. Competitive prices. Rich export experience.Satisfactory services. We hope and believe that we can meet your requirement and assist you to expand your market further. If any need or interest, just feel free to contact us. Thanks for your attention.



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