Jonyang Wheel Excavator JYL621E Ready for shipment to Tajikstan
2021-03-27 02:14:50

Jonyang Wheel Excavator JYL621E Ready for shipment to Tajikstan


Jonyang 21 ton Wheeled Excavator JYL621E 







JYL621E Wheeled Excavator

Main parameter: 
Weight: 21 t
Bucket Capacity: 0.9 m³
Power:  129 kw
Application Range:
Water conservancy and electric power construction, Mining, Road construction, Airport and port construction, Urban construction, Municipal construction and Pipeline laying projects.
● Original imported Cummins engine features Euro II emission standards, strong power and intake heating system.
● International renowned brand hydraulic components ensures high reliability of the hydraulic system.
● High resolution LCD instruments for excellent legibility and easier operation .
● Enhanced one-piece chassis features high strength and durability.
● Cab uses anti-rollover and falling objects protection devices, which meet the safety standards in various regions including China, EU, North America, etc. and the cab has gained TOPS and FOPS certification.
● Larger cooling device ensures strong power in high temperature environment.
● Engine hood and compartment covers are easy to open for convenient daily maintenance.

Machine weight: 21000kg

Bucket capacity: 0.90 m 3

Engine Model: Cummins  6B-5.9

Rated power: 129 kW / 2000 rpm

Displacement: 5.9 L

Hydraulic flow rateL 2x200 L/min

Hydrualic pressure: 30 Mpa



Gradeability: 40%(22 °)

Travel speed: 28 km/h

Slewing speed: 12.5 r/min

Bucket digging force: 120kN

Arm digging force: 90 kN

Travelling speed: 0-8/28 km/h

Operating Scope

Stick length: 2600 mm

Maximum cutting height: 9665 mm

Maximum dumpint height: 6900 mm

Maximum digging depth: 5915 mm

Maximum reach : 9615 mm



Number of tires: 6

Model: 12.5-20-18PP

Tire width: 370mm 

Oils and coolant capacity

Fuel tank: 280 L

Hydraulic oil tank: 200 L

Engine oil tank:  24 L

Antifreezing agent:  25 L
Related machinery:
Wheel Excavator  model: 
JYL6085       Weight 7.8 t         Bucket Capacity 0.32 m³    Power 60KW
JYL615E-N   Weight 13.7t        Bucket Capacity 0.6 m³      Power 85.4 KW
JYL615F       Weight  14.5t       Bucket Capacity  0.6m³      Power  110KW
JYL619E       Weight  20t          Bucket Capacity 0.8 m³      Power 129 KW
JYL621ELD   Weight 21t          Bucket Capacity 0.48 m³     Power 129 KW
JYL621E       Weight  21t         Bucket Capacity  0.9 m³       Power 129 KW
JYL621F       Weight 21.6t        Bucket Capacity 0.92m³      Power  129KW
Crawler Excavator model:
JY6085        Weight  8.2 t        Bucket Capacity  0.35 m³     Power    60 KW
JY615E        Weight  14.7t      Bucket Capacity  0.6 m³        Power  85.4KW
JY615F        Weight  14.7t      Bucket Capacity  0.6m³         Power  90KW
JY621E        Weight  21t         Bucket Capacity  0.9 m³        Power  112 KW
JY623E        Weight   23 t       Bucket Capacity  1 m³           Power  133 KW
JY623F        Weight   25t        Bucket Capacity  1.1m³         Power   129KW
JY625E        Weight   25t        Bucket Capacity  1.2m³         Power   133KW
JY630E        Weight  30.8t      Bucket Capacity  1.38m³       Power  198KW
JY645E     Weight   45t            Bucket Capacity  2.0m³        Power  250KW
Scrap Handler model:  
JY625E-G   Weight  25t         Bucket Capacity  0.5m³         Power  133KW
JY640E-G   Weight  40 t        Bucket Capacity  1 m³           Power  194KW
JY645-GD   Weight  45 t       Bucket Capacity   0.8m³         Power  132KW
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