Votai company is one of the leading suppliers of spare parts and consumables parts for Chinese construction machinery and trucks. We offer our services in major repair of any complexity, we offer our customers to take advantage of a specialized warehouse with a wide selection of spare parts. Our services help you quickly put into operation machinery, avoiding unnecessary downtime and increasing the profitability of the enterprise. 

Photo Part number Part name Price/units Weight/units action
Cooler Cooler 00305568/XGYS01-13B/800305568 Cooler
Cooler Cooler 00305568/XGYS01-13B/800305568 Cooler
Support Support 403403-404 Support
Bolt Bolt XMW75502310 Bolt
Valve Valve 803201536/HPSU-2P Valve
Valve Valve 803201536/HPSU-2P Valve
Flange Flange 272200179 Flange
Balance beam Balance beam 38700328 Balance beam
Balance beam Balance beam 138700309 Balance beam
Variable-speed pump Variable-speed pump 0501208765 Variable-speed pump
Balance beam Balance beam 135800322/XZ60K.55.1 Balance beam
Cable control handle Cable control handle 860119024 Cable control handle
Cable control handle Cable control handle 860119023 Cable control handle
Hub Hub N/M Hub
Fan drive Fan drive N/M Fan drive
Chain Chain 103070142/55410001/55410003 Chain
Gear pump Gear pump CBGJ2100/5000035 Gear pump
Transmission valve Transmission valve 403700/BCF-1380B Transmission valve
Single handle pilot valve Single handle pilot valve 803004120 Single handle pilot valve
Pump shaft spline Pump shaft spline 30309000941/ZL40A.30-9 Pump shaft spline