Votai company is one of the leading suppliers of spare parts and consumables parts for Chinese construction machinery and trucks. We offer our services in major repair of any complexity, we offer our customers to take advantage of a specialized warehouse with a wide selection of spare parts. Our services help you quickly put into operation machinery, avoiding unnecessary downtime and increasing the profitability of the enterprise. 

Photo Part number Part name Price/units Weight/units action
Gasket Gasket ZL40.6-50/3030900147 Gasket
Disc spring Disc spring ZL40.6-39/3030900114 Disc spring
First shift planetary shaft First shift planetary shaft ZL40.6-16/30309001491 First shift planetary shaft
Pipe Pipe ZL30G/ZL50/76CM Pipe
Washer Washer Z3.8-14 Washer
Nut Nut 71270231 Nut
Sensor Sensor YY242C Sensor
Ignition switch Ignition switch 08086-10000/5001292/ZL50/30 Ignition switch
O-ring O-ring Z3G.11-2 O-ring
Wiper Wiper ZD2312 Wiper
Sensor Sensor YG901E4 Sensor
Door lock Door lock 801503840 Door lock
Transmission shaft Transmission shaft 530F1.3/9345081-1 Transmission shaft
Gear ring Gear ring 77500938BD Gear ring
Filter Filter 803164329 Filter
Bearing support Bearing support 82214206 Bearing support
Flange Flange Z3G.8-6 Flange
Redirector Redirector BZZ/5002953/TLF1000/44C0004 Redirector
Pipe Pipe LW330F.1-1/61000060276 Pipe
Ring Ring 175755 Ring